Trading – it’s all about time versus profit. Take Grays yesterday – -yes they scored first, but the equaliser brought the price back to it’s starting price. And, as the game remained a draw, the odds increased the longer the game went on as a draw. So when to get out? That’s the question – IT went up to 2.02 in running and then GRays scored again.
So when to get out? With trading you have a number of options
1) time based – eg after 20 minutes ? – in the 70th minute? – at half time?  This time based approach would have worked yesterday  up to the 60th minute
2) – price based – laying at 1.48 – where would you look to get out? 1.70 , 1.8 , 2.00 ? You could have got out at 2.00 yesterday  – with a team expected to win, you just never know when the next goal is going to come.

This is the power of trading – you only have to be right for a small part of the game – yes Grays won, but a trading profit could have been made

Elsewhere yesterday I was happy to get Our Matti beaten, but he was beaten by the 2nd horse in the betting forecast! I chose the horse whose odds had reduced in the early market.Very frustrating.

3 into 1’s beaten a head and a 2nd place at 2/1.

Nothing today – FLAT begins in ernest tomorrow