I have mentioned previously what I like to call the “Lay Reference Guides” – such as Racing Secrets Exposed and Frontline Lays.

These are not systems per se, but rather an in depth look at form analysis as it pertains to LAYING horses to lose their races.

The key components of these systems are along the lines of “building up evidence to oppose” market leaders (the shorter the price, of course, the lower the liability for layers) by finding enough weaknesses to conclude that “Yes, this horse is worth opposing at the price.”

Both of these manuals are extremely well written and offer solid information. The only drawback is actually the thoroughness of the form analysis, which by its very nature, makes this is a time consuming process!

Another in the same mould can be found at http://www.false-favourites.co.uk and at £19.99 (at time of purchase) it represents extremely good value for money and really puts the usual affiliate clowns firmly in their place. They can keep their “Project System X Ultra Nasa Lunar Module Betting Super Plan” eBooks…

This, as I said with “Frontline Lays” and “Racing Secrets Exposed”, is what we SHOULD EXPECT. It should be the rule and NOT the exception. Too often we’re left with utter disgraces such as Symbiotic Lays and Risk Free Football… which I have already mentioned here.

So what’s involved with False Favourites?

From the very start this is a class act of an eBook and for £20 it’s a snip with every page filled with useful information.

The eBook begins with a common sense foundation regarding discipline and patience, and avoiding the Greed Monster (I’ve been harping on about this for ages!)

Laziness is also tackled – and rightly so. Horse racing is naturally attractive to some who perceive it as easy money BUT there are many many factors involved. These factors can only be picked up with experience (or modelling ourselves on those who have been there and done that!)

You want the rewards – you must put in some degree of effort!

As an opener, the eBook also tackles the standard topics of betting banks, handling emotions and learning from mistakes. All very commonsensical but a welcome addition to the eBook.

A full guide to Betfair and the new Racing Post website is included during this “laying the foundations” phase.

The first part of the manual over, we now look at National Hunt Racing and the variety of factors to be considered when looking to lay over the jumps.

The information is exhaustive (or another word might be “overwhelming”) at the start, and is as similarly detailed as Frontline Lays and Racing Secrets Exposed.

Each of these manuals, I suppose, shares a common thread in the areas they have chosen in which to focus on – such as class of race – ground – number of opponents – days off track and so forth.

At first glance then, this is a manual for the dedicated! Time will be needed in order to do the manual justice with such an in-depth look into form.

It’s all about PREPARATION I suppose – that’s the key tenet of this manual.

The next parts of the manual deal with spotting horses whose prices drift in the Betfair markets hinting at some negativity.

Then it’s on to Flat Racing and another comprehensive look through all aspects of flat racing and, again, “building a case”.

Bottom line

An exceptionally well-written and presented manual. I will echo what I said in the last newsletter regarding these types of manual. The information is there – but you need to take action to put it into practice. This action will take an investment in time and I suspect that those who have the persistence will be rewarded over time.

There is a huge amount of relevant knowledge to learn here and at £19.99 (although it says £25 on the website), this is extremely good value for money.

It is not a system per se so there are no accompanying results that I can pass on to you.

Would I recommend False Favourites? At the price, it is a resounding YES but it will come with a warning.

If you want “get rich quick”, then click to the affiliate buffoons who will invade your inbox on a regular basis. If you want to garner a comprehensive  knowledge of horse racing and all of the relevant aspects to form analysis that can make you profit, and at a price which makes such information accessible, then get this manual. If nothing else, it is a great reference guide, just as Frontline Lays and Racing Secrets Exposed are.

If you want  a mechanical system, then this is NOT it.