I hope you saw with Winners to Losers how detrimental a mass marketed lay system can be to the prices of horses who become system bets.

Well, I would guess that this is set to continue with the launch of “moody mares” from the same guys as Winners to losers – www.moodymares.info

Hey, they don’t care if the prices go up for layers – they want your dosh pure and simple ,so expect them to sell, sell, sell until they can sell no more , and expect any qualifying horses’ prices to rise, rise ,rise, until profit becomes compromised as it has done with Winners to Losers

All the signs are there that this is another system which has been backfitted.

NO, they have NOT made over £1 million with this system – that is PURE AND UTTER theoretical nonsense

They have, I would suggest, used specialist software / websites to back track race results and formulate a system based solely on what happened in the past which may (fingers crossed) be replicated in the future.

As to the system itself, well the title suggest this system focusses on female horses  – much like FAncy FIllies where, I guess, they got the idea from.

The results are worth looking at in order to try and decipher what the system compromises of and if, indeed, it focusses on mares and fillies only to lay.

So ,at this stage, I would sound a note of caution as another massively marketed lay system, which has been backfitted, and whose profit claims are quite simply a LIE , goes out on sale