I have mentioned this service previously, and as my interest in place only betting has grown, so has my confidence in this system.

Remember though, that this is only a live betting system so will not be worthy of the attention of those who cannot follow the market.

It has been proven to me to be an effective tool, using betting cycles and accumulator betting in order to make profits.

There is an alternative way, though, for those seeking the thrifty route!

I have noticed that a number of my short-listed place only selections have mirrored the qualifying bets for betex profits. So would I be able to make accumulator betting work this way?

Of course you can do this yourself. I have provided many articles on the merits of price gappers as ideal fodder for place betting. If these price gappers show confidence in the live betting market, then perhaps we can profit from them using accumulator betting, betting cycles, and checks such as Bernard Sleeman whose article featured in the most recent newsletter.  A betting model that seems to be consistent and offers good profit potential over the long term is:

One of the ‘stop at a winner’ favourite backing systems, of which there are many, this system showed a profit last year, is simple to operate, and should replicate performance again this year.  Utilising a 9-point staking plan, computapik selects three horses per day to back as long as they meet the correct criteria, and we stop at a winner.  It differs from the Sir Racing System in that it avoids odds on shots, which is why it is my pick of the ‘stop at a winner’ systems available.

The Best Performers Among the Current Trialists

The NH Super Trend Spotter

From I must mention this system for two reasons.  Firstly, this system is showing a nice profit thanks to Victory Gunner’s recent victory at 11/1. This is a jumps specific system focusing on handicap chases and hurdles. The system is simplicity itself to operate.  Secondly, I want to mention this because I remember all too well the Winning Formula from these guys, which after some winners, went on the MOTHER OF ALL LOSING RUNS, making me feel as embarrassed as Delia Smith at half-time at Norwich City with a mic in her hand.

I don’t want to jump the gun here and tell you all to go out and buy this magical system because it could hit a very bad patch (as will occur if it selects winners at 11/1).

A most recent losing run of 22 should characterise this system for you. Yes, it’s one of those that rely heavily on big odds winners occurring with enough frequency to negate the losses incurred
with the losing runs.

Another note of caution – results are calculated to ESTIMATED BETFAIR ODDS. So 11/1 Victory Gunner now becomes 17.00 (16/1) Betfair winner.

A realistic assessment of the Betfair price, or a method to increase profits on the results tables?  To be fair, in Victory Gunner’s race, 9/4, 7/2 and 4/1 market leaders in a small field of seven ensured that Victory Gunner’s Betfair odds were going to be greater than the bookie’s SP.

What this new calculation means though, is that the losing run of 10, which preceded Victory Gunner’s win should have produced a 1-point profit, instead of which we are now presented with a 5-point profit.  I don’t think there is anything underhand, but would prefer if profits were calculated to traditional bookmaker SP rather than an estimate.  So yes, this is proving profitable at present, and no, I will not recommend it until I see, and experience through manual trial, the selection process and the winners at their truer SP prices.

It’s very much a system for those who don’t mind long losing runs (I DO MIND THEM!) and those who have faith that a big priced winner will come before the betting bank is diminished. Ask yourself – could you take a losing run of 22?

So I would hold tight if I were you. I don’t want a repeat of Winning Formulaitis with this system.


April will be a natural time in which to gauge the relative merits of the football tipsters I am following (both free tipsters and traditional subscription tipsters).  It is unfair to comment at this stage on performance as later games may produce a good winning run.

The three main paid tipsters I am following are, and

I must also remember to review the Sports Statistician email service from Oxonpress as this has been a very impressively produced service for some time now.

I must say, I am currently underwhelmed by both Football-Bets and Football Maestro, and personally would never entertain paying someone else for their opinions on football when I can trust my own for free.  That’s my choice – yours may differ.  Other football services which are worth a shout out as workable, are Simplex Trading at and Merlin, which is an excellent piece of kit for the discerning permutation lover. I have many football coupons which can show you examples of Merlin at work, and I will look for my Simplex spreadsheet (currently in hiding just when I need it) to give you a full breakdown of profit for the 2nd year running (note this is a double up method of staking so you must exercise caution when undertaking such a form of betting).


The usual websites mentioned last month have generally failed to either produce a profit or provide me with monthly profit and loss updates.  I think it would be better if I were to use this part of the newsletter to relay what’s working rather than what’s not.

There are plenty of systems I have at present which need proper trialling and, if the claims on the websites are to be believed, it’s Barbados for my Easter break!  Let me hear from YOU! What has worked for you that you think would be of great benefit to other readers.

Let me know what else you would like to see in the systems and tipsters update – perhaps a list of ones to avoid – perhaps a focus on the scams used in this betting industry – perhaps if I relay the best performers over a six month, three month and one month period from tipster proofing services and follow them up myself?

Please get in touch.