After a 5-hour flight delay, me and my signed photo of Kelly Brook are now happily ensconced in Guernsey. The weather is beautiful and, as yet, I have not been accosted by any nephews and nieces. The time will come, doubtless, when all of the training I took at “Uncle” camp will pay off!

It’s been a chaotic week with me unable to keep to the usual routine, and this may continue unless I can solve my wireless internet problems at my parent’s house. I expect this to be solved sharpish as I am keen to continue the blog and the live chat which is a new feature on the blog and has been proved very popular.

Join me in some live chat race by race

With this new ‘live chat’ facility on my blog you can get the most up to date information on market movers and Smoke & Mirrors and 16/1 system bets from the horse’s mouth.

You check out S&M if you haven’t already by clicking here:

I have really enjoyed doing it. We have a nice community of some 100 or so people who have joined me daily, and I will start it again on Monday coming.

Who knows? This could be a good long-term idea, but would have to be charged for as I commit my time and expertise for free – so get stuck in while I’m feeling generous!

It shows people, I hope, that a flexible approach to betting really helps, and that the IDEAL is to follow the live betting market because this is the most up to date information available and we can react accordingly to positively backed horses, get in on possible gambles and also decide that favourites are worth taking on!

The ideal for me would be to include this as part of a package with place only one a day betting so there really should be no reason why the current strike rate of 96% cannot be sustained and improved upon within a live environment.

Can I get an Amen?

It seems that my blog at http://www.back-lay-trade-horses-football.blogspot.com has been hijacked by a Christian Bible Study group, but I think only if you spell the blogspot part of the address “blogpsot”

So be aware of this, and save your souls (while making a few quid at the proper blog) – BUT do give 10% of all you make from the blog to the poor! They obviously think that 96% one a day place only betting is the work of the devil!

At any rate, said blog will be available to read from Monday as I am seeing my new nephew tomorrow and Sunday. Can I get a Hallelujah?


This was an article I was considering for the June newsletter. I will recount my thoughts here in basic form and flesh them out into an article for the website at http://www.whatreallywinsmoney.com

In simple terms, rather than relying on some mechanical system, why not come up with a list of likely short priced horses who could be layable by

– Race type e.g. maiden races, 1 mile 4 furlong handicaps etc

– Reaction to patterns – e.g. Mark Johnston 2 year olds have been in sparkling form of late – lay the shortest priced opponent

And so forth. Just a one a day place only blog in reverse, still concentrating on short priced favourites, even price gappers, but looking at them form a layer’s perspective and not a backers’

I will expand on this article as the month progresses and publish it via http://www.whatreallywinsmoney.com which should come into its own now that there is no newsletter in July. I fully intend to get ideas out there via the website.

System updates will have to wait until my return to Ireland as I was unable to bring my Racing Posts with me to Guernsey (let’s face it – you have a choice – Kelly Brook signed photo or The Racing Post – no contest!)

I have plenty of testers updating me though so will pass these on via the website intermittently.


Yes folks I return to Guernsey to see that old Betting Systems terrier Mr Brookes release yet another must buy – it’s called http://www.bettingten.com

The idea behind this system is that you will read the usual gubbins from this guy, and within ten minutes ask for a refund.

I shall not be bothering with this I am afraid! It is identical in format and website template to the million other launches of the last thing you will ever need.

Wise up! Read the Christian Bible study group who have tried to hijack my blog instead of bettingten  – you’ll learn far more!

Or why not try these instead…

As you know we are committed to providing first class betting systems here, and the current trial of Handicap Gold sees us changing things in reaction to the excellent recent feedback received.

The trial will be ongoing and hopefully by the end will be nailed. If you want to be kept updated then go here http://www.canonburypublishing.com/handicapgold/ and be first in line once this service is nailed as a consistent winner.


Now you know why I’ve been providing the one a day blog free for 6 months, along with the new live chat FREE too. It’s because of that Christian Bible Society. I thought it would be the fasttrack to the promised land (where’s my tambourine?) but alas, my publisher is a little more hard-nosed business wise.

He wants me to charge for this service (THE SINNER!). So those of you who have followed the blog for months need no persuading as to the efficacy of my selections, and I’m sure you’d be first in line to hear more information about a possible future release of a comprehensive one a day place only service  – if so then http://www.canonburypublishing.com/placeback/ is the place to go to get on the shortlist to hear all about future developments with the place only betting.

All those not yet convinced, well visit http://www.back-lay-trade-horses-football.blogspot.com/ and look at past entries to see how good this has been as a one a day process.

Those of you who want your souls saved should go, instead, to http://www.back-lay-trade-horses-football.blogpsot.com/ where you will be saved (with a 30 day money back offer if you are not saved in your first month).


Have a great weekend and please do return to the blog on Monday

Have a great weekend

Clive Keeling