Betting Strategy


I wanted to contrast my one-a-day article with another here on BIG PRICES in horse racing – you know those lovely 16/1 winners that various dodgy tipsters with moustaches claim to be able to churn out for you with the regularity of someone on all bran and prune juice diet.

Well, from what I have learned so far, the key to success if you want the hope of a big return for a small stake lies in reading the live betting markets.

Which markets are available?

Well, here’s how I prepare for a typical racing day where I will be in a position to follow the racing live.

This is part of the Racing Post, but is free to use and is invaluable if you are reading the betting markets using the 16/1 system

Here’s how I use this market:

I compare the BETTING FORECAST with the bookmaker prices listed above and look for discrepancies as per the 16/1 system rules, only in this case I look at ALL prices, and not just those prices 16/1 and over in the betting forecast.

In this particular race, Calahonda would be a horse of interest. Can you guess why? Well he’s 14/1 in the betting forecast and 8/1 with the bookmakers – a POSSIBILITY (and I stress only a possibility) that this horse is fancied today.

NOTE – it is better to do this as the race time is approaching – that way you have the latest information and prices to hand.

So, in essence, this is the 16/1 system which forms the first stage for me when reading the betting markets.

This is my second stop (and bear in mind I have all of these websites open simultaneously).

The importance of this site is apparent to all of you who have purchased Smoke and Mirrors Racing System at

Here I look for the specific signals which Smoke and Mirrors tells me to look for in order to spot a potential bookmaker fancy (anyone seeking an introduction FOR FREE into these signals should go to where I hope he’s still giving out his free eBook with one signal).

I use the price graphs on Fairbot in order to read the Betfair markets.

Fairbot just allows me to see at a glance how a horse racing market is forming – which horses are possible drifters and which horses are possible market movers. As you can see on the screenshot, the graphs next to the horse’s names allow me to see if the price has been consistently rising, or has been consistently shortening.

You can see the graphs forming next to the horses’ names. If a graph moves up from left to right, then the horse’s price is drifting, hinting that the Betfair market at least does not fancy the horse (Sarasota Sunshine?).

If the horse’s graph looks like Respite’s, gradually decreasing, then this shows support for that particular horse.

Are you ahead of me here? Imagine if Calohanda’s graph near race time is decreasing, AND Calohanda shows a potential 16/1 system signal AND Calohanda shows a potential Smoke and Mirrors signal.

Do you think we would have a decent bet? – Yeh, me too!!

We now have all of the major markets covered

Sometimes, I may find that the 16/1 system bets supersede any Smoke and Mirrors signals, simply because a possible 16/1 qualifier may have been priced at 25/1 in the betting forecast, yet opened up at 5/1 in the live market using

Sometimes there will be too many conflicting signals from the Smoke and Mirrors and 16/1 system which tells me that there are no clear fancies in a particular race.

Sometimes, if there are NO Smoke and Mirrors signals and no real 16/1 system signals, the Betfair graphs courtesy of Fairbot can highlight a potential selection which Betfairians are particularly keen on.

Bottom line

If you want to unravel the potential gambles of the day, and potential big priced winners, then learn to read the betting markets.

Once learned, this skill can be applied for the rest of your betting life, and improved upon and adapted for personal needs with practice.

If you dream of backing those big priced horses, then acquiring the skills to read the betting markets, in particular the bookmakers’ market with the 16/1 system, AND a system such as Smoke and Mirrors, as well as following the indivualised Betfair price graphs shown with software such as Fairbot, ensures you can snare the possible insider gambles and profit well.

Once I have my broadband sorted out in Ireland (the signal needs to be stronger more often) then I will resurrect my live chat and show you first hand that this ability to read price markets can be a licence to print money some days!!