Another return to enhanced betting this week and I do hope that you have taken this strategy on board, because there’s money to be made! While the Jumps season takes time to settle, there are now heavy ground concerns with the football or the tennis.

Let me take you back to the 8th November where this week’s enhanced adventures began. Falkirk were hosting Celtic.

Celtic score first – boo hiss! No chance of an enhanced bet now, or is there?

Falkirk score the next 2 goals and lead 2-1. Celtic’s price in running is now a massive 5.1, and surely this price for a 1/3 shot losing by just one goal is worth a tickle?

Cue the inevitable equalizer. 2-2 and Celtic’s price reduces to 2.7 and allows a nice profitable trade (do reread the recent articles on enhanced betting and trading)

Celtic even went in front 3-2 and you could have traded out there until Falkirk scored a very well deserved equalizer (I say very well deserved because it did not affect my profit made!!)

How about Inter Milan at home going a goal down? They eventually equalized 1-1 and the key to success – our faith in Mourinho’s home record – some 124 matches now since Mourinho lost a game at home.

How about Birmingham going 2-1 up away to Liverpool? This is unexpected surely? Liverpool inevitably score the equalizer.

Or Benfica – a 1/5 shot still 0-0 in the 80th minute and backable at 3/1 -a team who have scored some 20 goals in 4 home matches must surely make a breakthrough? Yes, they scored in the 88th minute!

Or how about Barcelona 0-0 at half time at home against the mighty, erm, Cultural Leonesa?

Again it’s that word “inevitably” they scored and won 5-0

Or how about the BNP Paribas tennis this week?

My personal coup de grace was laying Almagro against Nadal when Almagro had 3 match points. I laid Almagro at odds of 1.02(meaning to win £100 my liability was a HUGE £2) and Nadal survived 5 match points. Almagro’s odds shot up in an instant to 1.22 and a quick profit was secured.

With the new tennis season kicking off this week, do take a look at the tennis trading article in September’s What Really Wins Money.

I keep returning to enhanced betting simply because it works and the strike rate is superb. I guess it’s a psychological thing isn’t it, across all sporting events. A team expected not to lose can somehow conjure up a goal almost at will if they unexpectedly find themselves 1-0 down.

An elite tennis player on the ropes can suddenly seem to be wearing a cape and his underpants on the outside of his tights as he extricates himself from a losing position.

The key to success with this trading, as well as anticipating a recovery, is to expect the most unexpected.

Imagine a tennis player who is facing 3 match points, is 40-0 down and against the serve. Surely there’s no way back? Yes, you would think so, but surely getting involved and laying the player likely to win such short odds means NO downside and massive profit potential if the unexpected occurs.

The Internet is your great friend as far as trading on Betfair is concerned. I know some have difficulty with the concept but there are free tutorials abounding online.

Read up about it at http://www.betexchangetips.com/ or get a free course at http://www.freegamblingebooks.com/betfairtradingcourse/ but beware that you will have to submit your email address and name.

Once you can grasp the concept of enhanced betting, you will, with practice, be able to find opportunities almost every day. And although my focus is on football, tennis is a great sport for this kind of trading.

We have the international football this weekend so it’s as good a time as any to try enhanced betting on in-running matches. For example, I’ll be cheering on the, erm, mighty Liechtenstein to score first against Croatia tomorrow. Expect the unexpected!!


Yes it’s newsletter time already, the last one this year and I have stocked up on industrial strength coffee this weekend. There’s plenty to look at for this newsletter and a lot of systems for me to update and report to you on. Martin Blakey will continue his excellent articles on handicap betting and I hope you have gained an insight into how he profits from this seemingly unprofitable arena.

There are some interesting jumps specific systems to pass on to you too.

Have a great weekend,

Clive Keeling