Now There Are Even More Ways You Can Profit 24/7 from Betfair is not only a sports betting exchange now. They have a dedicated site devoted to 24/7 gaming including amongst the games Texas Hold Em, Baccarat, and Blackjack. Thanks to another email campaign by Stephen Brookes, serial Betfair ebook writer, a lot of readers have become interested in the potential that cracking a 24/7 opportunity can inevitably give.

So what’s on offer? offers the “world’s first” ebook on betfair games, (apart from the ebook I bought last year!). The general theme of the book is to exploit the sequences in Baccarat and Blackjack.

Sequences – a refresher

I don’t know if you remember Tefal Head, the man with 2 brains. Well, I wrote an article in a previous WRWM on using sequences to predict the likely result of horse races at certain meetings. The theory went something like this example:

Race 1: Lingfield

In the past 9 meetings at Lingfield, no favourites have won in Race 1. We can be relatively confident that this sequence will end sooner rather than later. If we look at the next Race 1 at Lingfield and the favourite is well fancied, we have market confidence and probability on our side – the probability that the losing sequence unique to race 1 will end very soon.

As Tefal Head has remarked many times “ It’s all in the numbers”. He calculated that, in all meetings over a 10-year period, there was never one sequence that lasted more than 18 races.

In fact he drew up a series of sequencing tables unique to all meetings which gave an ‘at a glance’ look at how the favourites had progressed.

ART4 - 1

Here’s a typical example from earlier in the year. Races are numbered 1 to 7 and each separate vertical column represents a different day. The Y’s indicate when a favourite won and the X’s indicate when a favourite lost. Let’s look horizontally on Race 1. The first favourite won, followed by 5 losing favourites in Race 1 over the intervening 5 meetings. This losing sequence was ended by a winner and the losing sequence continued with 3 more losers.

We can also view how favourites fared during a particular day’s racing by looking vertically. A great day for favourite backers on 12th January with 3 favourites popping in. Look at the next meeting – 4 out of 7 favourites won. This was corrected in the 3rd meeting with 6 consecutive losing favourites. 9 favourites won in a cluster on 8th Feb, 22nd Feb, 23rd March, and 13th April.

This was spectacularly corrected by a run of 14 consecutive losers on 13th April and 30th April.

This, in essence, is how sequencing works and is how Stephen Brookes has applied its methodology to random games such as baccarat and blackjack at

So can you make money?

The key rule when using sequencing as the basis for your betting activities in whatever arena is this “The longer the losing sequence, the more likely that losing sequence will be broken with each consecutive race/turn of the card etc”

Again, I showed you how to apply this when a top class striker has failed to score, say in 9 games. If he’s regularly picked, the probability of him ending his goal drought increases with each consecutive game.

Sequencing and Betfair games

Stephen Brookes has identified sequences in Baccarat and Blackjack which mean that the probabilities are on our side when we strike a bet after a certain outcome has come up consecutively over, say 6 plays on that particular game.

I cannot fault the sequencing aspect of this manual, but what I can warn you about is not placing maximum faith (accompanied by unnaturally large stakes) on sequencing as the sole profit maker in your armoury. Random games are random and sequences can continue indefinitely! Identifying a previous pattern and taking that pattern as gospel is unwise especially in a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week environment.

There is an element of potential to the sequences that Stephen Brookes has identified and if used with the maxim I mentioned earlier “the longer the losing/winning sequence, the more likely that losing/winning sequence will be broken with each consecutive race/turn of the card etc” you can make consistent profits. A reader’s recent email to me qualifies the above maxim:

I have also been doing betfair games and turned £100 into £160 in 3 nights playing about 1 hour a night while watching friends on TV!! I find the sequence betting on ‘only 1 21 to be profitable but I wait for it not to happen 5 times or 6 times before I start betting as opposed to the 3 times in the manual.’

You see, waiting for longer sequences should increase confidence.

Texas Hold ‘em

This is a poorly written part of the manual and really is nothing new whatsoever. Laying the favourite and trading between hands is hardly new (doesn’t this bloke read WRWM, I mentioned it months ago – for FREE!) The trading aspect of Texas Hold ’em I agree with but not blindly laying a favourite. What if he wins 10 consecutive games? Please dig out my article on betfair exchange games in a previous WRWM if you want some free strategies to use on Texas Holdem specifically.

Sequencing, I think, is impractical for Texas Hold Em but very practical for Baccarat and Blackjack and it is these two games that I will concentrate on in the future. Sequencing is proven to me in the horse racing sphere and the more random the game the better it seems to work.

Bottom line

Six strategies are offered in this ebook, and 4 of them have potential. The Texas hold em part of the manual is badly put together and the hedging is just glanced over

Will it make you your thousands 24/7. ? Is it a cash cow you can milk again and again? My limited play does not allow me to give a definitive answer. Playing against software, we are open to anomalous events which can wipe us out and open the door to longer than expected sequences. I am certainly excited by the potential in the system. I just need a sustained run on Betfair Games to see if I can profit regularly

SHH – Don’t tell anyone! Fancy access to some free profitable betfair games strategies. Check out the testimonials at

Just don’t tell Stephen Brookes!