William H Clarke’s The Masterplan backing strategy has great potential, I must admit . . . but alas as a lay system! Since I received it, I have made 39 bets, with 5 winners at 5/1, 5/2, 10/1, 7/4, and 5/1, wholly inadequate to compensate for the losers. The problem here is the lack of clarity with the instructions. For example, we are told to mark off the top 6 horses in the handicap. Ok, fine, but this is the last mention of the top 6 in the handicap, so I don’t know whether horses which qualify for a bet should be chosen solely from the top 6 in the handicap, so I have kept records to include only qualifying bets in the top 6 in the handicap, and qualifying bets using all horses. No change in the strike rate alas.

Ok, so Mr Clarke does mention this system is predominantly a flat system, and he has been trialing it on the all weather and over the jumps “and so far things are looking very good.” However I can’t possibly recommend this on current evidence, although I may have stumbled across another potentially workable laying system, not just for the win only market but for the place only market too! A massive 29 of these horses have been unplaced which augurs well. I will continue to monitor the system

Since 25th September, Phil Pickford’s The Golden Egg (£97) has generated 3 selections and 1 winner at 13/2, equating to a profit. Like all systems with infrequent bets, it requires a long-term policy of reviewing, so I will keep you updated.

Having found the instructions rather ambiguous I am putting the Statistical Predictor system on hold. The selections are few and far between, and my perception is, with these kinds of systems which provide a selection once in a blue moon, that the selection must win! The prices of the Statistical Predictor selections, alas, are too low to merit any real consideration. A lot of odds on selections requires, by necessity, a large strike rate.

The Lay Miracle, available at http://www.laymiracle.com  suffers from the infrequency of bets. That said, I have had 7 selections, all of which have lost, which really is exciting. The process is rather laboured, but it would seem worth it. I will, as ever, continue monitoring and perhaps include any selections that do arise on my laylog to keep tabs on them (and throw a street party when I do actually get a qualifying selection!). The stringent selection procedure, whilst producing few bets, seems to produce quality bets. I don’t know how these testimonial people have made so many selections in one day, but I remain optimistic.

Horses For Courses: again, I am pleased with the strike rate of this extremely simplistic system. In stark contrast to the Lay Miracle there are selections every day. The big negative is that you MUST be in a position to follow the live betting market. It is not worth purchasing for those unable to do so. Available for £49.95 at http://www.horses4courses.net

I am still paper trading with the Bismarx Bot, and am not going to give it a proper review until I have actually experienced a losing run of 5. Those who have the Bank Vault Report will know that this is a progressive laying system, ie if our layed favourite actually wins, we seek to recover losses on our next qualifying selection and so on. I need to see how the bot, automatically, without my input, will cope with a situation where 5 of our selections have won their races (ie we lose!). As this is the key to the bot’s effectiveness, it is pointless me giving a definitive opinion at present, save to say that the bot is stable, and I have the confidence to leave it running without supervision (wish I could say the same about my nephew!).

Stan Hibbert’s Legacy System has been around a long time. Rumour has it that Moses used it! Since receipt, the Legacy has produced 5 bets, with 3 winners at 8/11, 15/8 and 10/11, a profit to level stakes. It is a well thought out system, using filters to whittle down selections, and is something to keep a definite eye on as a potentially useful system. Along with the Legacy comes a free bonus system entitled the “Saver” which is also in profit with 3 winners from 14 at 1/8, 9/2 and 11/1. A decent level stakes profit, only because of the 11/1 price, which I have a feeling is an anomaly and not likely to be replicated.

I must thank a reader for the following tip – he qualifies his legacy selections by visiting http://www.adrianmassey.com   and “In short, if the Legacy qualifier is also top rated on Adrian Massey’s site then its a bet.”