Check Out This Brilliant Footie Betting System for Under Twenty Quid!

With the football season upon us, my main focus has been to look at what’s out there in the market place which can help bag some nice profits from the bi-weekly games.

I came across Football Betting Science, from their website at . What intrigued me most was the price (just £19.99) and the results -27 winning matches at very good odds from 13/10 up to 4/1 with no odds on selections.

How could they get such consistent results at odds which, for the match odds market, are relatively big?

With that in mind, I purchased the package, and was immediately struck by the amount of information I got for less than £20. It’s all well and good having pocket loads of information, it’s the practical usefulness of that information which is the key.

So what do you get for your £19.99?

You get 3 ebooks and 3 excel spread sheets, BUT one contains exactly the same information as the other and the spreadsheets are duplicated also. The quality is high, so I put this duplication down to an oversight on the system vendor’s part. The ebook focuses on permutations and rightly points out that accumulators are often let down by the draw (refer to my recent “fun” accumulator in my eletter which was let down by England drawing with Macedonia). The permutation can cover the draw and effectively insure us against freak results.

The most simple perm is the following: we have identified 3 teams, 2 of these we are sure will win, but we are less hopeful with the 3rd team.

We have covered all eventualities with Team 3, so, as long as team 1 and 2 win, we win at least one of these lines.

In my test period, the systems used to select likely teams is effective, very simple indeed, and requires no previous knowledge of football at all, save the ability to read a football results table.

Five basic permutations are covered, as are the methods of calculating staking. BUT with the excel spreadsheets provided, all of the calculations are done for you provided you input the correct odds of each team! These spreadsheets certainly cut out all of the donkey work, and will prove invaluable for seasons to come.

The package luckily includes an excel spreadsheet calculator for calculating up to 5 permutations which saves on the old grey matter getting over extended.

The ebook then deals with Football plans and formulae. Yes, it may be time to phone Carol Vorderman for this segment. But fear not – this part of the ebook acts really as an accompaniment to another excel spreadsheet which will do all the leg work for you.

Topics such as Fixed Budget Formula, Individual Target Formula and Fixed Return Formula, not just for one team, but for 3 and 4 teams have really opened my eyes. It’s good to see this level of good money management.

Let me give you an example of one of the formulae at work:

Saturday 14th October: I looked at the fixed odds coupon. fancied Manchester United to continue their great winning form I away to Wigan at 1/2. Portsmouth at home were facing a West   Ham team bereft of confidence. Yes West Ham will win soon, but Pompey’s defence looks re-invigorated.

Chelsea away to Reading is no foregone conclusion, but I can’t see Reading winning. I wanted to cover the draw because I could envisage this game as a tight affair.

I chose plan 3 from the football betting science spreadsheet, and input the decimal odds (there is a calculator to covert the fraction odds (eg 6/4 etc) into their decimal equivalent) and input a stake of £100.

As you can see in the box on page 4, the spreadsheet calculated my stake should all 3 teams win, or Man Utd and Portsmouth win but Chelsea draw, or if Man Utd and Chelsea win but Portsmouth draw.

If any of these outcomes occur, I win £100.64. As it happened, all 3 teams won, so bet one obliged for me. Let’s look at the calculations:

Bet 1: Stake £51.60 Bet wins. £51.60 x 1.50 ( Man Utd win) x 1.80 (Portsmouth win) x 1.44 (Chelsea win) = returns of £200.62. We take away our losing stakes on Bets 2 and 3 of 19.82 and 28.58 and leave ourselves £152.46.

This is but one of 9 different betting plans which ensure a number of different eventualities can be covered. These bets are to be used in conjunction with the standard football fixed odds coupon. Alternatively it can be placed with online bookmakers in the form of accumulators.

In our above example, I would have logged on to my online bookmaker and placed the first bet (3 wins) and the stake which the spreadsheet calculated for me. My second bet would be the 2 wins and 1 draw bet and my last bet would be the win-draw-win bet.

TIP – 3 match bets will be placed as a treble with some online bookmakers.

I am very excited about this type of bet and with the simplicity of calculating profits and stakes.

And there’s more . . . !

Remember I mentioned how impressed I was with the results on the website – the list of 27 winning matches (albeit from last season).Well, the guys at Football Betting Science selected these matches using their “value calculator.”

Well I tried it this weekend on Premiership and Championship games. Out of 10 home games indicated as value bets, 3 lost . Two of these 3 were Wigan at home to Man Utd and Reading at home to Chelsea, 2 bets I wouldn’t have followed to be honest.

I also tried it on an old fixed odds football coupon, again on Premiership and Championship matches. Of 10 matches on 16th September 2006 indicated as value home bets, 5 won at odds of 11/10, 6/5, 6/5, 11/10, 6/4. To £100 level stakes a profit of £110 would have ensued. There were 4 draws, and one away win. Including draws, we had 9 winning bets if we had laid the away team.

I am thinking about using this value calculator as a laying tool to lay away teams when it signifies a home win, to enable me to cover the draw. Initial indications are positive and if selective in bets (eg: in the Man Utd and Chelsea away games I would never have laid them) there may be something to this. I must warn that relying solely on the value calculator is perhaps not the most positive thing to do, and blindly backing all home teams indicated is perhaps not the wisest policy. I would use it as a tool to highlight potential upsets and back this up with my own judgment.

This is a very recent example of Monday 16th October’s match between Fulham and Charllton. The calculator indicates a no bet scenario, and no wonder! Fulham with 2 draws and a loss in their last 3 against Charlton who have lost their last 3. Further, putting some personal judgement into the mix, this is a London Derby so will likely be a fractious affair.

BOTTOM LINE: The potential of this package really excites me, and has opened up my eyes to the possibilities of using professional betting plans. As ever, these permutations will be let down by careless selections. This is covered in the ebook. Using mechanical selection systems can lead you to place bets without engaging your own knowledge and expertise, BUT a mixture of both can only enhance accuracy.

Available fromError! Hyperlink reference not valid. £19.99, this package offers great value, and the all important aspect of good money management is the driving force here. If you enjoy your football, then these betting plans will only enhance your profits and I heartily recommend it. I will certainly be using some of the plans, as I did at the weekend, on a regular basis now.

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