Frankie Franks all weather investments Many thanks to Brian Armstrong for his continual tracking of the 2 plans which are included in this system:

Betting plan

Only 9 selections in the last 3 months but 5

winners. Overall position since testing started:

Selections 130

Winners 57

Strike rate 43.8%

ROI 20.4%

All weather investments

A 74 point profit to level stakes is the good news. Even better returns using 10% of a rolling bank, BUT with the latter you will notice on the left hand side of the results analysis using Fasttrackplans spreadsheets, a losing run of 18. The question with losing runs like these is, when you are experiencing them in real time, how long do you stay with them until you give up? Well, hindsight would have told us to tough it out. A strike rate of near 25% and a good spread of winning prices augurs well.

5 from 5 successful lays in August to date, and 5 from 8 in July with winners at 11/8, 11/8 and 7/2 SP Results available for inspection at the site.

2 from 2 in August and 10 from 13 in July keep this impressive lay system ticking along. No lays over 3.5 in price ensure liability control.

Poor recent performance and no updates on site since June 2008. Check the website for results updates.

7 point profit since last newsletter – again results available at the site for you to determine whether laying at average lay odds of 5 suits you.

I am unable to bring up this site.

MAY +27.78 JUNE: +14.59 JULY: +13.66 .

Slow and steady is the way to go with this system. If you want get rich quick, well go somewhere else! Consistently profitable thus far.

Andrew Kiernan, the brains behind this Fibonacci Staking Lay System adds some comments of his own: In regards to Section 3 of the New Little Acorns book, I now have the ideal staking plan for those wanting to safeguard their betting bank.

It the same as the previous one (Fibonacci) but with one less stake amount. I have cut it from 9 to 8, but with a fundamental change to the betting bank, the purpose being to help followers remain in the their comfort zone.

As we know based on £10 lay unit the Fibonacci sequence goes; 10 – 20 – 30 – 50 – 80 – 130 – 210 – 350 – Total in Sequence is: £870.

Now what I have suggested based on the above, is a betting bank of £1,740 (2x £870). Therefore, it would take almost 3 losing sequences to exhaust this bank which is highly unlikely. Now you may be wondering how I arrived at nearly 3 losing sequences? Well, if we were to lay at the maximum price allowed for Little Acorns of evens (2.0) and had 3 losing sequences, then of course that would equal £2,610 (3 x £870). However, the average lay stake for Little Acorns is 1.76. So taking one losing sequence of £870 x 0.76 = £661.20. So the average amount lost on every one losing sequence would be £661.20. Divide this by our recommended betting bank of £1,740 for £10 lays would equal 2.63. So the betting bank could take over 2 and half losing sequences. More than enough to protect our bank.

Now I see that the Gofibonnaci system had a losing sequence of 10 in July, according to their website and still made 239 points profit since 1st Sept 2007. Now, Little Acorns avoided this losing run by implementing the Beaten Favourite filter. So this filter together with the ability to withstand nearly 3 losing sequences of 8 really makes it as close too foolproof as possible. I am sure you would agree it’s a long term profit maker, albeit slow. The hardest job for me is to persuade followers that this is a slow burner, hence I keep reminding them of the title of the Book? If they get nervous by losing lays of up to 5 or 6 then they are starting with stakes too high to begin with and should pull back to a level within their comfort zone, i.e. £5 or even £2 unit lays. They will then make steady growth, as I am sure you will feel having followed the ‘Cracking Betfair’ system, that backing ‘odds on’ selections, the sequence usually comes to an end after 5 or 6.”

A useful insight into this type of laying and the new improvements being made to further strengthen the system.