www.kenneth-j-wilson-racingservices.co.uk: Only 7 bets in the period since I last updated and 2 winners at 15/8 and 6/4. The latter, Authorised on 21st August, was a poor selection from a layer’s perspective and when we are dealing with a small amount of monthly selections, these winners have a greater impact. Lays lost at 5/2, 7/4, 8/11, 7/2, and 7/4. Good short prices.

www.leeohare.com: A new rule in place not to lay over 4/1 (although I am not sure if this is 4/1 SP or its decimal equivalent on Betfair) seems to have focussed this service on delivering largely short prices 17 selections this month since I last wrote, 3 wins at SP 15/8, 6/4 and 6/4. An improvement on a poor July/August, winninglays at 11/10, 4/6, 7/2, 2/1, 6/4, 7/4, 3/1, 10/3, 2/1, 10/3, 7/2, 11/4, 3/1 and 11/4 SP

http://www.trainerflatstats.com/ Still in a negative position this month with the winners and placed horse not compensating for the losers. Operating to £25 each way stakes (total loss £50 after an unplaced horse) a 17 point loss in total has accrued. The positives? A decent priced winner or 2 will quickly wipe this out. The negatives are clear to see at present.

www.winningracingtips.co.uk: Paul Ruffy concentrates on each way betting which has enabled him, in some instances to reduce losses with payouts for placed horses. Paul has been away doing Marathons and such and has not updated his results list. Since the last issue, Paul has posted further profits this month. .A full breakdown of his results can be found at http://www.racingindex.com/tipsters/tipsterperformance.php. I can verify that the bets listed are the bets received by me daily.

www.laycrazy.com: 14 lays who have won their races from 68 is not an ideal from a “professional service”, and at reasonably big odds.


Thanks must go to all the testers who have volunteered their time and provided some excellent feedback. Going through the myriad emails and categorising feedback by system, it becomes clearer which systems have the potential to work and, of course, those systems which should be put down!

Racing2Profit: Still ticking along nicely. One tester describes the system as a slow burner with nice small profit week on week

Lawrence Taylor’s LayingtoWin: www.topbettingsystems.com/horse3331.htm Just kickingoff with week 5 and ,of course, highly inconclusive. Theproof of the pudding (or meat pie) is in the eating aroundApril time.

The Simplex Trading System: A potentially dangerous staking plan with this system and the potential for us to end up in trouble if any football anomolies occur. Yes, the results I’m looking for have arrived with a few teams this past week. We must always look at worse case scenarios and the figures are scary if the worst was to happen. Again, a system worth looking back on come April.

Saver and Safebet Plan: A mixed bag in August with the longest losing run of 6 and few winners. However, turning into September, 9 winners help stem the tide from a disappointing August. Another reader email thanked me for pointing him in the direction of the Saver and Safebetplan – his betting bank has doubled despite the August lull!

www.winintennis.co.uk: No real progress made since I last updated. You really will need the patience of a saint and the faith of a monk to see £100K return from winintennis. Initially a reader’s recommendation, winintennis seems flawed to me. Too many short priced losers and winners at prices too short to compensate leave us consistently treading water. A 4% staking plan compounded is good theoretically but the strike rate if consistently selecting odds on shots has to be exceptional and consistent to see a return.


I would class the next 2 services not so much astipsters, rather advice sheets

www.kachinaracing.co.uk: This advice sheet had a good Doncaster and performed well in the top class meetings. With the jumps season upon us, I hope his contacts can point us in the direction of plotted horses.

www.mathematician-betting.co.uk: Difficult to quantify from a profit and loss point of view but still some quality informed statsistical information.


Please note that I am unable to access

Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. and have now reverted to www.clivekeeling.spaces.live.com. The new approach to each way betting has proved hugely effective in the last 3 days – looking for obvious candidates. I try to explain my reasoning behind all bets to help you help yourself. I will also be trying out some Asian handicap betting. I have an idea that perhaps we can engineer some insurance bets against our Asian handicap bet not coming off, by backing certain outcomes in other markets? Plenty to chew on and play around with on the blog . . .


I am currently looking at Asian handicap tipsters and hope to have something for you soon. Some readers also want me to trial some football tipsters (Richard Mark will NOT be one of them!). This I will look into. I am currently trialling some interesting reader systems and another advice sheet which focuses specifically on high quality horse races – more on that as the database grows. There’s a couple of interesting concepts I want to follow up, and I have begun trialling a number of systems specifically focussed on you being in a position to make selections the night before.

Please get in touch at whatreallywins@yahoo.co.uk if you would like to test systems, and let me know if you are able to follow the live market especially on Betfair as I cannot possibly trial all of these live market systems myself. I do need lay system testers more than anything else.