Brian’s lay service has been ticking along nicely. July was a very good month – 17 from 20 lays  successful at 85% strike rate and a level stakes profit(LSP) of 13 points (65%). August so far shows 12 from 13 and over 5 points profit. Winning runs of 14 and 9 in the past six weeks.

From Jan 7th it’s 209 from 249 at around 84%, with a LSP of 72 points – the set bank of £1,000 has more than trebled and the liability bank of £1,000 has almost doubled.

At £30 per month the progress is consistent and worthy of continued monitoring. My initial faith in Brian’s laying skills seems to have been founded for this value-for-money tipping service.

Free trials

Another look at sites offering a free trial.


July totals for the month +10.38 at level stakes and +35.88 at advised points stakes.

August to date -23.75 at level stakes and -90.35 at advised points stakes. From the same guys comes.

What To Lay


July totals for the month -0.4 at level stakes and +6.67 to advised staking plan.

August to date +13.45 at level stakes and +25.20 to advised staking plan.

The unique subscription structure of What To Lay meant that unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the members, they get August free as the service made a loss in July, albeit a small one. “If we don’t win they don’t pay!”




Add to these sites www.betting4profits.co.uk run by Paul Waddington. Paul offers a 14 day trial and is currently 90 points up since year start which is respectable. The service covers football, darts, snooker and golf.


MONEY TALKS FROM www.bettingsystem.info and Sportsworld Publishing.

After a promising start, this variant of Follow the Money has continued to disappoint and is not a system I want to spend time with at present. I will revisit for the beginning of the Jumps I think.


I have been in regular contact with Martin Blakey, the handicap expert behind this ‘Follow the Money’ system because his results did not tally with those experienced by readers. From a personal perspective, having spoken to Martin I do not consider him to be massaging results to suit his own ends. He has simply included only bets which in HIS EXPERIENCE (and not necessarily, I would venture, following strictly the criteria of the manual) qualify. Here’s his answer:

“The first thing I do with the plan is mark off all potential qualifiers well before racing. Then when the live on course market opens I can easily identify those horses that I need to monitor to see if they become a definite bet.

After looking at the live market I eliminate any race if there is more than one qualifier as I am looking for one stand out qualifier that is well supported on course.

As well as any qualifier meeting the price comparison criteria, I am also looking for a horse that is also well backed on course. Sometimes a horse may easily meet the price criteria but is actually weak on course and drifts in the market which suggests that a big run is not expected. I always leave out horses that drift on course as the live market is a very reliable guide to how a horse can be expected to perform, especially when used with this strategy.

In summary, I am looking for a horse that meets all the plan criteria and is also supported on course to a level that meets with the strict rules of the plan.”

As to performance USING MARTIN’SCRITERIA, the winners can be inspected at the site


Martin may be offering a handicap specific service in the future which I will be keen to trial and report to you on.

Premier Racing

My thanks must go to Jeff Edwards who has asked me to warn readers about Premier Racing of Petchworth, Sussex:

“Premier Racing; the outfit from Petworth, West Sussex has now given out 21 losers on the trot on their SAEED BIN SUROOR telephone line after a 7/2 winner which was preceded by a losing run of 7 selections!”

Other systems to perform poorly include mafiosibetfair which has produced a 4 point loss since July – no reward for a lot of effort!

Systems and tipsters to monitor

Include Matthew Hallett mentioned in June’s newsletter, www.tipsforhorseracing.co.uk/ who provide straight back bets for horse racing and Michelle Kang.

I have been drawn to Michelle’s services because of their realistic profit targets and her logical systems. I have emailed her asking for a full trial of all services. She is a stay-at-home mother who really doesn’t know horse racing or football BUT works using stats and the law of averages to profit. So her approach to profiting from Betfair is purely from a numbers perspective rather than any “insider” knowledge.

I am especially interested in her football system at www.footballinvestorsclub.com and www.horselayingprofessionals.com/ I am aware these services might be intermittent but they are worth looking into.

Ones to note


Results fall into the “too good to be true” category, and my gut instinct is that these results are  not strictly correct (I stand to be corrected of course). Predominantly short priced selections, and handsome profits since January 2008, I am aware of the fact that a high strike rate must be maintained with these selections in order to realise a continued profit. The jumps season is upon us and there is no evidence regarding performance in the winter. I would venture that it is a lot more difficult to actually profit from shorties with obstacles and inclement weather and heavy ground on occasion.

I am reluctant to pay £60 per month and will try to blag a trial as I have an uneasy feel about this service.

And finally

With my recent return to Guernsey I was not able to monitor my personal systems and their accompanying performance graphs so I will try to update by next month. This also applies to some of the betting systems mentioned last month such as Refuse to Lose and the Cambridge Target System.

You can download the August 2008 edition of the WRWM newsletter by going to the back issue archive page.