Here’s a Reader’s System With a 100% Lay Record to Date – Fancy Trialling it Along With Me?

I have access to a multitude of systems that I am unable to test practically on my own. That’s why I need your help! If you fancy receiving the latest systems: backing, laying, financial, greyhounds then please email me at whatreallywins@yahoo.co.uk details about your specific interersts. I will need to know the following information:

• Are you available to follow the live betting market for UK horse racing on a consistent basis?

• Are you familiar with Betfair?

What is your SPECIFIC AREA of interest? I need to know specifically whether you like backing horses, laying horses, trading, financial markets, and greyhounds. Are you interested in staking systems and be prepared to put a staking plan through its paces. Perhaps your interest lies in US Sportsbook betting or casino games, both on line and offline?

• I need results on a weekly, biweekly of monthly basis and over a relatively long term period to gauge profitability

Your help will be invaluable to everybody and you’ll get systems for FREE! Everyone’s a winner! Below are some of the systems I would like to give you the opportunity to trial for me and give me feedback on.

New Dimensions Lay System

The newest instalment from Sportsworldpublishing. I will require Betfair prices for the accompanying lays along with the traditional profit/loss.

Layingthefavs -(Reader)

Simple favourite laying system. Again I have to limit numbers with this one.


Another easy to follow laying system.

Theresa Beta Test (Reader)

A great system developed by a reader. I am only willing to take on a few people for this one as I don’t want her hard work going out free to all and sundry.

Tony’s DM System (Reader)

As above, a reader’s system which has produced decent profits consistently. Requires an element of following the live betting market.


A laying spreadsheet for choosing the best lays of the day.

The Dominator and Multi Bet

Already mentioned in the newsletter, I would like an independent opinion to accompany my testing.


Take a chance on one of the backing systems I have. I cannot follow them all I’m afraid so your help will help us get to the profitable ones quicker.


A multitude of systems require testing in the live environment from Stable Income Plan – a laying plan for live market racing, backlaypro – a very consistent and unique system developed by a boffin who doesn’t know one side of a horse from the other – Racing Secrets Calculator – purports to follow the live money on betfiar – Bettingexchangeprofits – an accumulator staking system one reader has profited from in her short time with it. I need more feedback. Please get in touch and help me help you.


Multibets and staking plan profits I would love some people to try out along with the Special Factor Plan. I know there are some statisticians out there who will find this right up their street – get in touch.

The back systems have again generally disappointed. I have received a recent email from a long time tester of The Foundation System, produced by Sportsworldpublishing, and he recounts how the initial £100 bank back in October 2006 is now nearing £2000. The power of perseverance. I still have my reservations regarding the prices. If you want to ask him any questions about how he has produced the profit, I would ask you to email me in the first instance and I can liaise with him, if he is willing. There is obviously something to this system, BUT far too many 1/3 shots selected.