I have been trialling a horse racing betting service for some time, and it has been consistently profiting during my trial period.

The service is available at, but this is a horse racing tipping service with a twist.  The focus is firmly on trading rather than traditional backing to win or each-way tips.  Before I get started, it is important to note that this is a service which will, ideally, require you to follow the betting markets on Betfair.

I say “ideally” because there is a betting bot which can place your bets for you automatically, and although you will not need to be at your computer, you will need to leave your computer running with the betting bot and software.

So what’s involved?

The tipping service provides you with an Excel spreadsheet to download daily which contains the selections for that day. There are normally two to three selections in a given race.  The Excel spreadsheet works in tandem with Gruss software, found at in order to automate the betting and trading process of the service.

Gruss software is designed to run specifically with Betfair and is superb value at £6 per month.  After downloading the Excel spreadsheet and setting up the Gruss software you will then be in a position to automate the whole betting process.  The man behind the tipping service, Sid, places great emphasis on trading as being the ideal way of profiting consistently. There is an option to back the selections with small level stakes and on some days there have been huge priced winners. One day recently saw a winner at odds of 30 within the first two races.  Other days have seen quite exceptional performances with consistent winners throughout the day. Yes, good days if you were backing selections to level stakes, but again the emphasis is on small and consistent profits by backing pre race and hoping the horse runs well in the in-running market (its price will shorten then and you can lock in profit).

There are a couple of negatives about the service

Firstly, the cost: £130 per month is quite an amount to pay for any sort of tipping service, and so it follows that if you are TRADING, as advised, profits will be smaller than if you backed in the conventional manner.  Will the profits cover the cost of the service? And how much will you have to be staking to firstly cover the cost of the service, and then, move on into profit?  The second niggle comes with the automated aspect of the service. Personally, I found it difficult to sort out the settings in order to ensure that trading profits were reasonable when the horses’ prices shortened as they ran well. In this regard then, trading manually is my preferred option.

Another concern – any trading tipping service puts the vendor at an immediate advantage over those receiving the tips. Why? Well before he releases his selections to subscribers, he can back them all, knowing that the subscribers will all be backing the down. He can trade out on the back of this sudden weight of money from subscribers.  The last worry is a practical one. How do we know when it’s the right time to trade out of a horse? How can we gauge when a horse has reached its lowest price in running without going on to win the race?  These negatives aside, there is no getting away from the fact, that in a large proportion of cases, the horses listed in the Excel spreadsheet did shorten, and even go on to win. There is plenty of support for members regarding trading and full instructions for setting up the automation process.

Bottom line

There is an option to pay £5 per day which is the way I would approach this service. Far better this, than committing to £130 and a full month only to find that this is not suitable for you. If you have the ability to follow the betting live, are already au fait with horse racing trading, and want a chance to profit small but consistently, then for £5 per day, you should make enough to cover the small daily fee.  Do take note of my concerns. There has been a consistency to the quality of selections made during my trial which augurs well for the future.